Femco Oman


Femco being an ambitious project by our group to support and protect the Environment of the Sultanate of Oman. Femco is based on replacing harmful Plastic Products with 100% Eco-friendly Products which is recyclable and degradable for further soil potentials and also at an affordable price.



Our factory is located in the Al Misfa industrial estate of the Sultanate of Oman. Our Machinery are high-performance latest technology with modern designs



We are the 1st company in the Sultanate Of Oman to Manufacture Non-Woven Fabric products to safeguard its environment. The main motivation behind this project is also to support the movement to protect mother earth and its species. The government of Oman has been keenly interested in protecting its natural resources and environment. Many companies and social groups have been trying their best to create a better environment to live in. We believe our product shall be a great contribution to attain that goal. We can not wipe out pollution as a whole in this generation but can contribute as much as we can. So considering these matters he has brought this innovation to Oman.



1) Promotion of Non-wovens

2) To work for widespread application of Non-Woven’s

3) To increase the presence of Non-Woven’s in day to day life

4) To educate about the benefits of Non-Wovens.


Quality Assurance

To ensure our client's satisfaction we check each piece of our product with expert skilled personals before the dispatch from our factory.

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